Preserved heritage

Sacred architecture

The Niolu is a land that has many religious sites and buildings : St. Francis convent chapel Hyacinte , etc.

Parish Church of St. Peter XVIII , built away in a beautiful site, newest bell : folk art crucifix * XVII ; brotherhood of buildings.

Chapels St. John and St. Lucia in the town.

The former Convent of St. Francis of the fifteenth century , to the west, in a beautiful chestnut site ( houses within its walls a progress cottage )

La Chapelle Saint -Michel in the 18th . It is located Bona Manacce .

Little chapel Castellacce bleached .

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Sidossi and remains of the Romanesque chapel of Saint John.

ALBERTACCE : hyacinth The chapel was built in the 17th . Curiously it hosts st roch who finding no place in the parish church is housed in this place. Remember that Saint Roch is the patron of Albertacce .

Nature protect

Mouflon , emblematic animal of the valley, the bearded vulture and the golden eagle, the mountain lords, are at home here .

Pins ” Laricci ” millennia, sycamore maple, mountain ash , they also occupy the mountain area. In Niolu , Mother Nature is queen, take the opportunity to comply.