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Sale of Corsican products handcrafted : sausage, cheese , jam, honey , biscuits , olive oil … etc .
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The brocciu and cheese

Considered first as a dairy product, it is elevated to cheese when it gets Designation of Origin June 10, 1983 and the AOC with the decree of June 3, 1998 .


The decree of AOC which was awarded to him in June 98, comforted his character both ancestral and typical. Indeed, only AOC cheese, to date, on the Corsican region, brocciu is also the only cheese from whey on one of the French AOC cheese plate .


Following the manufacture of cheese and recovering the whey, the latter added to the fresh milk is heated to 75-80 ° C . Then comes the magic moment of the appearance of brocciu to the surface of the mixture. It remains the shepherd – cheese to manually remove the delicate milky foam in faisselles ( Fattoghje or casgiaghje ) .
Food lovers know that after cooling and draining short ( 2-3 hours), the Bocciu can be consumed . It can also be dried and refined over several weeks ; then it is brocciu PASSU .


Mountain vegetation gives a very special honey to taste at will
-In The Niolu a renowned beekeeper / Jean jaques Cordoliani to Lozz specialist honey Cintu .

tel: 04/95/48/08/86

Chestnut flour

The Breadfruit
– In the Niolu , the chestnut nourished generations if today times have changed chestnuts and chestnut are part of the cultural heritage of the valley Niolu.Ce heritage revived through the action of two castanéiculteurs , Pasquin Flori and Jean Yves Acquaviva who by their action have contributed to obtaining the AOC and promoted the development of castanéiculture in its modern form .

Chestnut flour , cakes , liqueurs, chestnuts and especially ” pulenta and pulindaghju ” are now on all tables

The meet

tradition and ancestral know
-The Deli has since the dawn of time rooted in the pastoral culture of vallée.l’élevage pigs in semi freedom gives meat flavor unusual . on site you will find something to satisfy your appetite in either local restaurants or directly from the producer .
Proxi-Les halles corses

CORSES PRODUCTS – GENERAL SUPPLY – BUTCHER / CHARCUTERIEsitué in the heart of Calacuccia , refueling stopover for hikers who do the Mare a Mare north.

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Auberge U Vallone

Mountain inn on the GR20

Access possible by Calasima track ( 1/2 hour of walking )

Food tasting of local products ( cold cuts and cheese owner ) nights under canvas.
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