Land of sheperds


The Niolu

Niolu conceals many treasures such: the Cintu (Cinto), the Capu Tafunatu, the Paglia Orba, lakes, La Scala di Santa Regina … Jewel central Corsica, Niolu, land of traditions and legends lives in the heart of the highest peaks of the island: the highest Cintu to 2710 meters rubs Capu Tafunatu Paglia Orba and the majestic queen of the Corsican Mountains. Lake Ninu with its “pozzine” features and wild horses adds to the beauty and diversity of the landscape. Pathways to Niolu have long been difficult to overcome, cervix Verghju in the West and the Scala di Santa Regina in the East have enabled the valley to resist the various invasions and still keep his authentic character. Mainly turned towards pastoralism, residents of Niolu have adapted to harsh climatic conditions practicing transhumance with many livestock, particularly goats and sheep. When the men shepherds, lords of the Niolu, offer the exceptional beauty of the heart of the island for lovers of Discovery and Adventure. The harshness of the country has shaped the landscape and steeped the character of men.

Historically, the shepherds are an integral part of this territory. Today their goat cheese or sheep and their brocciu are reputed and have crossed the borders of the Island of Beauty. In direct sales from producer to consumer or small grocery stores you will find a great tasting authentic cheese.